Nourished Health Emilia Podkowiak

Marta Sparshott

I’d like to share my experience with Nourished Health!
Ideally, I’d like to shout it all out as my GP ignored me for a very long time, and Emilia was the only person who offered fully professional care. My problem with weight loss started 6 years ago after 1st pregnancy and believe me I have done absolutely everything my GP suggested even the 800 kcal diets and 10k steps a day… then other things started to appear ano no one knew why. After my 1st conversation with Emilia I knew that this is the right place to be and I wasn’t wrong as after 1 month of learning how to eat better (read healthier) my hair stopped falling out, my nails are growing like it is a contest and my skin never looked better! After 2nd month menstrual cycle is back to (my) standard, joint pain is slowly (but surely!) easing and I can finally get out of the bed without 30 minutes session of crying. The care from Nourished Health is above and beyond and I can recommend them without hesitation!