Nourished Health Emilia Podkowiak

Ula Fili

I am a qualified nutritionist and I have started to think recently about vitamin injections and drips. I came to the conclusion that eating well and taking occasional multivitamin capsule may not be enough for many of us, for too many reasons to write about here. As a nutritionist I try my best and eat well, I take multivitamin supplements thinking that this should be enough. I knew my blood test results could be better. Out of curiosity then and having been feeling absolutely flat with very little energy for weeks if not months, I have decided to have vitamin D injection and multivitamin drip. I was very surprised to see big difference, my mood was better, I didn’t feel so tired any more and my sleep improved drastically. Instead of sleeping very shallow my sleep started to be deep and restful. I recommend seeing Emilia, she is a professional nutritional therapist and is able to advise everyone what would be best for them.