Nourished Health Emilia Podkowiak

Wojtek Korus

During summer 2022 I have noticed my energy level was low, I was miserable and I had no eagerness to play with my kids. I was easily irritable and since the beginning of ‘22 I put almost 2 stone up.
I knew I had enough. My normal ‘fitness orientated calorie counting’ did not work and I was not nice to be around.
Once we got back from holiday I got In touch with Emilia and we scheduled a meeting. We started with a proper in depth blood tests and I still remember the exact date of our meeting as right now I see it as a new beginning.
Emilia listened to me moaning for almost two hours, she asked deep and broad questions about all sorts of things which, I thought are not connected to my well being, and after few days I received very, very detailed report highlighting all the things which need to be changed, tweaked or looked after. Her experience, knowledge and curiosity found few conditions that I would never even think I could develop.
Emilia put together a plan of action which changed my approach to food preparation, showed me how to create delicious meal out of just few ingredients and what is more she reintroduced proper nutritious food for myself and my family.
In addition I got a list of supplements which massively help and sped up my recovery and right now I feel the most energetic I have ever been. My focus increased and I once again want to do all the activities I was dreaming about few years back.