Nourished Health Emilia Podkowiak

Emilia Podkowiak


I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and specialist in thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease, insulin resistance and digestive health.

I hold the qualification in Nutritional Therapy from the London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I have completed Assistant Supervisor Training and I supervise students in CNM satellite college in Bristol.

I have undertaken an additional training and certification in Phlebotomy, Cannulation and Vitamin Therapy. This allowed me to expand my offer by additional treatments such as: blood tests, vitamin injections and IV therapy.

I work with laboratories across the UK offering access to a wide range of specialist testing.

I run a small clinic in Bristol where I see clients for face-to-face consultations and I also offer online consultations for clients nationally and internationally.

My health journey

Since I remember I have always been a child prone to catching all sorts of infections and I would have been given several rounds of antibiotics each year. In my teens I suffered with nighttime blindness, bone aches, poor immunity and was very often classed as underweight.

In 2013 I had been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and Graves’ Disease, which is an autoimmune condition. During the years after diagnosis, I acquired more health problems such as: poor immunity, eczema, gallstones and IBS. After a few years of taking thyroid medication I had been told I needed a radioactive iodine treatment, which would leave me then on thyroid medication for the rest of my life.

Whilst on a waiting list for the recommended treatment, I started my own research into alternative therapies which could help me. Within 6 months of introducing a healthy diet, good supplement regime and regular acupuncture sessions my blood results were back to normal and I no longer required the radioactive iodine treatment nor the thyroid medication.  Surprisingly, this was achieved only by carrying a research online and using widely available information and having no prior knowledge of nutrition, just a vested interest. This was admittedly a huge ‘light – bulb’ moment for me when I realised that with a professional training, I could improve other areas of my health too.

This was the reason why in 2016 I enrolled into the College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed 3 years training in Nutritional Therapy.

The result of this is that I have now been living without thyroid medication for over 10 years and my thyroid results are better than during the conventional treatment. All other health issues have resolved with the diet too, my eczema, IBS and even the nighttime blindness are all gone, and my Graves’ disease has been in remission for the past few years.
I am now determined to share my personal experience, my expertise from the training in hope to help others get their health back on track and get their life back.

My story simply proves that a medical diagnosis does not define us and is not a life sentence.
We all have the power to improve our health naturally, we just need to know how. This is where I come in.